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Relief from COVID-19 with an ADU

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year, thousands of homeowners have continued to seek the benefits of extra space at home. Our properties have become much more than just living spaces. They’re makeshift offices, gyms and classrooms. They’ve hosted at-home happy hours and made room for new hobbies.

One of the most common reasons for adding an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) during the COVID-19 pandemic has been to care for family. As a safe and private housing option, ADUs are an affordable investment; one that appreciates, not just in value, but in long-term utility versus rent for dorms, college housing, senior living facilities, and nursing homes. ADUs provide homeowners with flexible space to support family and friends.

Here is how an ADU can provide sanctuary during and after COVID-19:

Multi-Generational Living

While multi-generational homes have been trending for several years, parents and in-laws have been moving in with their adult children requiring care as they age and also to help with grandkids. COVID-19 has accelerated this trend as families are not wanting to consider assisted living facilities and instead bringing their families together under one roof.

The pandemic has been tough on families who have not been able to visit their loved ones in senior living communities due to visitor restrictions. An ADU can provide a home for an elderly parent, bringing them closer to family and away from COVID-19 while still maintaining privacy.

With the price of rent soaring, people are also seeking long-term housing for their “boomerang kids” who are back and forth from college. A new ADU can be the perfect way for a young adult to jump start their lives as it gives them their own space and an opportunity to save money for the future. It can also make a great starter home for younger families.

As a private and independent home, ADUs give people and their children, parents, or caretakers the space that they need to grow as families and individuals. With the addition of an ADU you'll never have to worry about fumbling over each other or invading each other’s space again.

Smarter Living Spaces

More multi-generational homes have created a demand for ground-level units such as ADUs while being mindful of accessibility needs like wider bathroom doors, lower positioning of light switches, and dropping down kitchen countertops. With more people living under one roof, green home features are being prioritized as well. The best part of all is that these new features shouldn’t raise the price because affordability is still the most important feature of all.

Healthier Living Spaces

Our homes have become our sanctuaries. Smart technology in homes got its start as a luxury born out of convenience. But today’s buyers are hyper aware of touching surfaces and want to use voice technology to control devices and electronics, and will be looking for ways to avoid touching doorknobs. New health-focused features are becoming more common as well such as viral-resistance surfaces, indoor air quality monitoring and UV air-treatment systems.

Creative Workspaces

Kitchen tables have been working overtime, serving as workstations and home-schooling desks amid COVID-19. As remote work becomes more prevalent, homebuyers will want to ensure that there’s adequate office space. There has been an increase in demand for office space in homes, a novelty that has been fading over the last few decades. People have started utilizing outdoor space for home offices in creative formats such as an ADU in the yard. This creates a workspace that’s separate from the home for adults or child care.

After spending the past few months sheltering in place and interacting with our spaces in entirely new ways, we’ve redefined what being “at home” ultimately means. Whatever the use may be, HAUS+ makes it easier than ever to expand your home with an ADU. Click here to Schedule a Free Consultation with a HAUS+ specialist.

About HAUS+

Building an ADU is expensive, time consuming, and extremely complicated. Buying your HAUS+ is affordable, quick, and effortless. Designing, permitting, and building a custom home takes months to years. With HAUS+, we'll hand you the keys in weeks.

Unlike the competition, HAUS+ takes care of everything; that means no assembly required, no red tape, and no hidden costs for you. We offer in-house financing on all of our units, so you can be making money even as your HAUS+ pays itself off in less than five years.

HAUS+ is the go-to solution for all your ADU needs. For more information about building a secondary unit, click here to Schedule a Free Consultation with a HAUS+ specialist today!


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