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ADUs - Easy, Smart, and Affordable?

In October 2019, Governor Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill 68 (AB68) making it easier and more affordable to build ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) – aka Granny Flats, and Guest Houses – in California. These units have become popular as a means of increasing property values, generating rental income, and providing affordable housing for extended family and friends.

The new ADU laws in California include faster plan review times, more flexible size and set back requirements, and prohibits local agencies charging impact fees for units less than 750 sq. ft. To further remove barriers to the approval of ADU plans, various state laws now prohibit local governments from imposing restrictions such as strict parking requirements to discourage construction of these units.

Given the complexity of the new laws and the resulting city/county interpretations, it is even more critical that you consult a qualified building professional who knows the ins and outs of the new ADU laws in California.

Here is why a prefab ADU is not only smarter, it’s even easier and more affordable:

Up to 50% Reduction in Expenses

Building your own ADU is expensive, time consuming, and extremely complicated. Buying a prefab unit is affordable, quick, and effortless. Purchasing a prefab backyard home means no assembly required, no red tape, and no hidden costs saving you unnecessary expenses on designing, permitting, and building.

Save Over 40% of Your Time

With as little as 455 square feet of space and less time than you think, you could have an ADU on your existing lot! Assembled onsite, they're the fastest solution on the market as we manage all project management. In most cases these homes are built stronger than your existing home. Put on a permanent foundation and attached to your utilities, they will stand the test of time. While designing, permitting, and building a custom home can take years, with a prefab ADU you’ll have the keys in weeks.

150% More Cost Effective

A prefab backyard home offers construction of the highest quality, using the latest building technology, with major components produced in a controlled factory environment by specially trained workers protected from untimely weather delays. Not only can it be customized, but the factory-built process makes it faster and far more affordable. And with in-house financing options, you can be making money even while your unit pays itself off!

When planning to add a second unit to your property, HAUS+ makes it easier, smarter, and more affordable than ever to do so. Click here to Schedule a Free Consultation with a HAUS+ specialist.

About HAUS+

HAUS+ is the go-to solution for all your prefab ADU needs. Move that window? Sure. Add a door? You got it. Steam room shower? No problem. With HAUS+, the possibilities are endless while incorporating cutting-edge building technologies to give an experience of unparalleled comfort and style. For more information about building a second unit, click here to Schedule a Free Consultation with a HAUS+ specialist today!


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