small is about to get big.

our elegant studio unit has a spacious bathroom and full kitchen.


455 ft.

1 bed

1 bath

HAUS+ is a product, not a project.


building a home is expensive, time consuming, and extremely complicated. buying your HAUS+ is affordable, quick, and effortless!


designing, permitting, and building a custom home takes months to years. with HAUS+, we'll hand you the keys in weeks!


unlike the competition, HAUS+ takes care of everything. that means no assembly required, no red tape, and no hidden costs for you.


we offer in-house financing on all our units, so you can be making money even as your HAUS+ pays itself off!

it's never been easier to add to your property's value and revenue potential.


whether as a guest space, personal getaway, or rental unit, HAUS+ makes it easier than ever to invest in your home.

HAUS+ adds to your property value twofold:

as a physical improvement

to the property


by growing your property's

revenue potential



in the San Francisco Bay Area, payback time on your unit is as little as 5 years!

good design is guided by good values.


a healthy home is a happy home. that's why HAUS+ is working towards a net-negative carbon footprint, by embracing renewable materials and advanced building technologies.

responsible resource procurement

labor practices to be proud of

zero-waste manufacturing

net-zero design

safe and non-toxic materials only


talk to a HAUS+ expert today.

schedule a free, zero-commitment HAUS+ consultation today and learn how you can unlock your property's potential.

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